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Letter from Our CEO

We believe in a free and open internet. By free, we mean freedom, as we all know nothing is truly free. It costs all of us one way or another to build and grow the internet, but it does not have to be so expensive or prone to failure. Our taxes have gone towards fixing this problem for a long time. If you are reading this letter you are likely aware that progress has been limited even due to the enormous amount of tax dollars already spent. The way companies qualify for these funds continually leaves out the poorest communities and the most underserved areas. Why is this? It is as simple as prioritizing profit over value. By the time a project is completed standards have changed, speed requirements have changed, and we end up using more money to upgrade the area that was just completed so it meets the new standards. This is the never-ending cycle…

The issues we all face are potentially tough economic times, while States and local Governments at the same time have hundreds of billions of dollars to invest in Broadband and Energy. It is sort of an oxymoron, but it gives us opportunity that must not be lost and we should take advantage of today by being prepared. These things are critical to our future. We should use these funds to benefit everyone well into the future, because they and their grandchildren will be paying for it anyway. Our goal is to provide them value from what we build today that is equal in every single community. We are talking about real equality, real equity, real effect on real people.

To do this we have to get rid of barriers. Not barriers of competition, but barriers of anti-competition, of great internet roadways being built using tax dollars only to serve a giant corporate entity. We need freedom of access in all communities with little to no barriers of entry. Our IXP network, the IXP FARM, is the open access internet solution to connectivity with ultra-resilience, ultra-throughput, and very low latency due to local packet swap. It has been designed to scale on commodity hardware using standardized open-source technologies to offload the pieces of the system. This approach significantly reduces cost, and significantly enhances scalability, resiliency, reliability, latency, and throughput.

The IXP Farm has started in Rural Alabama, will expand to every County, every Town, and then across the Southeast USA. It is the way the Internet was meant to be, and provides significant value for every community. It is the only network of its kind, it is the direct backbone connection between all other communities in an open and toll free environment. There are no relays, as each node is positioned to be within 20km of each other. This creates far less opportunities for failure, and is exponentially more resilient as we add new nodes in other counties and cities. When the internet was designed this is what they were thinking about, a mesh of interconnected nodes at the local level. We have taken the concept and built on it by applying our years of experience, expertise, and some good ole common sense.

Our Big goal is to make Alabama #1 in football and connectivity, and we know how to do the latter. We want you and your community involved. We provide the infrastructure, all you have to provide is a location and access to local resources, we do the rest. We even bring high quality ISPs to your town to serve your residents and businesses.

Please let us know if you are interested in bringing blazing fast and ultra-resilient internet infrastructure to your community? With the right infrastructure in place it is far more attractive for local ISPs to build to every person and business using readily available funds. It is far more attractive to industry and provides significant economic benefits to your community. These communities are projected to see these funds in 2024, so let’s be ready and let’s do this together. Join the IXP FARM community today.

Thank you,

Mike Francis, CEO

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