IXP Farm is the revolutionary decentralized middle mile network that is changing internet connectivity as you know it. With over 219+ node points, we are connecting people and businesses like never before across Rural America.

Facing Alabama’s Broadband Issues

The state of Alabama faces several broadband issues, particularly in its rural areas. The lack of access to high-speed internet in these regions limits economic growth, hinders educational opportunities, and impacts healthcare services.

Alabama has one of the lowest broadband penetration rates in the United States, with only about 80% of the population having access to internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps.


Alabama ranks 47th in Digital Connectivity in the US


23% of Alabamians do not have broadband access


Highlighted vulnerabilities during COVID Pandemic


How We Solve Challenges

Existing Connections

Utilize connection points available in most communities

BGP Nodes

219+ BGP Peer-to-Peer Node Connections

Internet Exchange Points

Our Middle Mile Network forms 219+ Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) like the Montgomery IXP (MIX)

IXP By the Numbers

At it’s core, our IXP Farm infrastructure will bring groundbreaking connectivity to rural parts of Alabama without actually breaking ground.

GB Speeds



Reduction of expenses

Traditional Trench & Build
Middle Mile Network

A traditional middle mile network is a telecommunications infrastructure that provides connectivity between the local access networks (such as the “last mile” connections to homes and businesses) and the backbone networks (which connect cities and countries together). This middle mile infrastructure typically includes high-capacity fiber optic cables and other networking equipment that enables the transmission of large amounts of data over long distances. However, it does come with challenges.



  • Very expensive to build, estimated at $57k per mile
  • Does not provide rural connectivity
  • Would cost $150 million, including optics
  • Lengthy process due to no uniform franchise agreement statutes in Alabama
  • 91% fewer on/off ramps compared to JMF

JMF’s Decentralized

Middle Mile Network

A decentrlized middle mile network will provide a huge rural connectivity advantage across the State of Alabama. This model is adaptable to be implemented througout the United States at varying levels. We will build a 5G Wireless backbone, connect the entirety of Alabama to truly solve Alabama’s Digital Connectivity problems.


Tier 1

Connect to a primary backbone site and via an adjacent zone access a secondary backbone site.

Tier 2

Connect to a Tier 1 zone and through any combination of Tier 2 zones or directly connect to a secondary Tier 1.

Tier 3

Connect to a primary and secondary Tier 2

Disrupting Industries



Robust Startups

Automotive R&D

Cyber Security

Supply Chain

Who Is JMF Solutions?

Alabama owned and operated business since 2005 servicing clients all around the United States with an emphasis on the Southeast. They have been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list six times in addition to multiple accolades within local chambers. JMF brings experience.

  • Serves 2,000 businesses
  • Current internet service provider for multiple municipalities
  • Owns & operates 135,000 sq ft Tier 3 SOC 2 data center
  • Directly involved with multiple peering exchanges such as MGM-IX, SNAP, CIX, DE-CIX

How Does the Middle Mile Network Function?

A middle mile network is responsible for transporting data between local networks and the wider internet. The following is a step-by-step breakdown of how IXP Farm fits into the current process of Interent Exchange Points (IXPs).

219+ BGP Nodes

Leverage 219+ BGP Peer-to-Peer Node Connections

Exsiting Connections

Utilize existing connectioin points available in most communities

Internet Exchange Points

The combination of BGP nodes and the existing connection points will create 219+ IXPs

Multiplied 219x

Think of the result similarlly to the Montgomery IXP (MIX), but multiplied by 219+X!

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